DigMasters Hydro Excavation Service


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Class A or B CDL Driver to operate Hydo-Vac Excavation equipment
Manassas, VA 20110 — Full-time

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The Non-Invasive Way to Dig

Hydro excavation from DigMasters is the safest and fastest way to locate and dig buried utilities, pipelines, slot trenches, pole holes and more. Our non-destructive process replaces risky hand digging and backhoes. High-pressure water is used to loosen soil while a vacuum removes the slurry without damaging underground lines.

Safer Line Locating

Most excavation damage to underground utilities is caused by backhoes, trenchers and hand tools. Hydro excavation is now the best practice to safely locate and expose those utilities without the risks of property damage, injury and outage. Save yourself the uncertainty and potential cost of a damaged line. There is no substitute for actually seeing the pipe–especially when surface location methods and markings can be inaccurate.

It's About Doing the Job Quickly and Efficiently

Compared to hand digging, DigMasters hydro excavation costs much less per hole. While hand digging has a lower hourly rate, our hydrovac’s speed makes it less expensive per cubic yard of dirt removed. The improved productivity and shorter schedules can lower your project costs and increase your profit margins–plus your crews will be made available for other tasks.

Increase Directional Drilling Productivity

Hydrovac test holes allow you to lay more pipe per day by safely and quickly exposing utility conflicts.

Rapidly Dig Slot Trenches, Pole/Piling Holes

DigMasters hydro excavation is the fast and easy way to dig narrow trenches for line installation and precisely shaped holes for poles, pilings, anode and landscaping work. There are no worries about damaging underground utilities in congested areas and backfill work is greatly reduced.


  • Safe–digs with non-destructive water
  • Precise–less backfill and landscape restoration
  • Dig in congested areas with limited access
  • Excavate without damage to unknown utilities
  • Reduce liability & risk exposure
  • Protect workers, property and utilities
  • Fast–cheaper than hand digging
  • Rapidly dig slot trenches, pole and piling holes


  • Potholing–Visual Utility Location
  • Directional Drilling Test Holes
  • Pole & Piling Holes
  • Slot Trenching
  • Cathodic Anode Holes
  • Service & Splice Pits
  • Pipeline & Utility Crossings
  • Debris Removal & Cleanout

Safe, Fast & Precise

Put our knowledge and experience to work on your next project, we’ll recommend the best hydro excavation solution for your individual requirements and we’ll show you the cost savings per cubic yard of soil removed too!